Using Windows 10 Is A Lot Simpler Than Other Windows

When we talk about windows 10, the first thing that comes to our mind is a smooth interface and fast navigation, but along with this, windows 10 is also known for its host of features and functions available. Even taking a screenshot windows 10 is so simple that even if someone is not very well versed with using computers would be easily able to take screenshots left right and center. There are still a lot of people who need help for taking screenshots on your computer.

Everyone is well versed with taking screenshots on their mobiles phones since they are always on their phones and know all the functions and features there, but taking a screenshot on your computer is even more simple. The easiest way to take is always the same that is to press the prtscn button on your keyboard. This function remains the same no matter which windows one is using. This has been an age old features that remains always the same. But once the screenshot is taken there are also multiple ways to even save the file on your machine.

Apart from the manual clicks with the help of the mouse one can save the file by just pressing the windows plus prtscn button. It will immediately give you the option to save the file to our preferred destination on the computer. Even if someone is not used to working on the computer, if these simple short cuts are given to them it becomes so much easier for them to navigate and using these functionalities to take simple screenshots. These procedures of taken screenshots are on the computer are a lot more easier than taking a screenshot on mobile phones. Since we use our mobile so much we become comfortable using them, but if one spends enough time on their computers they can become pros on it too.