Understanding The Existence Of The Crossbow

Crossbow derived its name from the word ballista, which is a torsion siege engine that resembled a crossbow. Crossbows have played an important role in wars and hunting. This was used in Europe, East Asia and the Mediterranean. Invented in China, the crossbow was and upgrade to the weapons used in warfare. Prior to crossbows, hunters and warriors used the traditional bow and arrow and this was the most specialized weapon used at that time. If you are looking for the best crossbows 2018 then it’s a smart idea to look them up online. The bow and arrow required a lot of physical strength, expertise, and training.

Due to these abilities, archers or bowmen were considered superior. The crossbow broke this norm and gave everyone the ability to shoot with accuracy. The weapon was cheap and simple to use. Due to the simplicity of the crossbow, all soldiers and hunters rather than a few specialized sharpshooters could use the weapon. This enabled all countries to have a large range of crossbow men at their disposal. The crossbow era also ended the reign of the armored aristocratic knight in Europe.

The crossbow is said to have originated in China around 5th Century BC. The crossbow was used for military purposes during the 4th Century BC. While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the crossbow, many indications lead to China as the inventors of the weapon. Crossbows in China date back to as early as 6th Century BC. The earliest crossbows were made with bronze triggers and were found in the tombs of many Chinese warriors.

The repeating crossbow was also developed in China. The repeating crossbow combines the actions of stringing the bow along with placing the bolt and shooting. This could be completed with a single hand movement and also helped keep the crossbow stationary. The repeating crossbow had a higher rate of firing than a normal crossbow. This helped warriors during combat and warfare.