Now You Will Find True Love

A good man that you find through a dating app will make you feel secure and happy in the relationship. If you find yourself constantly speculating about your man’s whereabouts or you find that there is no stability and security in your relationship; that is a sign of an unhappy and unhealthy relationship.

He Never Has Any Time For You

If you’re constantly fighting to get attention and time from your partner, your relationship is headed to disaster. A good man will drop all his other commitments when he sees that you need him. You need to be on top of his priority list and not just someone who keeps his bed warm at night. If your man doesn’t have the decency and sense to make sure that he is there for you when you need him, then there’s no point in you being with him.

Belittling Your Success

A healthy relationship involves both partners encouraging each other’s success and not belittling it. If you have recently got a job promotion or you have closed a big business deal and he can’t make you feel good about it, then that’s a sign you need to watch out for. A good man will always show you how proud he is of your accomplishments instead of putting you down or belittling you for them.

There you are, these simple suggestions are more than enough to have your man running after you. When he sees these changes in you he will automatically realize how important you’re to him. Let him run after you sometimes. Give him the chance to miss you. Let him realize how handicapped he can be without you in his life. This will really help in making him see how much he needs you and that you’re not just the woman who keeps his bed warm.